Forensic Psychology

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New Scope of Practice

In addition to the scope of the profession as prescribed in the regulations, the following acts fall within the scope of practice of Forensic Psychologists:
(a) conducting psychological assessments, diagnoses, and interventions; referring patients to appropriate professionals for further assessment or intervention;
(b) providing expert evidence andIor opinions;
(c) providing therapeutic interventions;
(d) advising on the development of policies, based on forensic psychological theory and research;
(e) designing, managing, and evaluating forensic psychology-based programmes, and interventions; designing, managing, and conducting research; reporting on, and supervising research, in Forensic Psychology
(f) training, and supervising students, interns, and other registered psychology practitioners in forensic psychology. 

(g) conducting psychological practice and research in accordance with the Rules of Conduct for Practitioners registered under the Health Professions Act, 1974, adhering to the scope of practice of forensic psychologists.

Statement by Board of Psychology 15 September 2011
Psychology Scope of Profession
HPCSA August 2013 Newsletter of Forensic Psychology as registration category.